Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo dolls, also known as doll babies, are extremely powerful tools used in spell casting. These dolls can be used for personal use, or to represent another person or Spirit/Entity. Each doll is uniquely handmade per purchase for an exact purpose and they are not identical. The photo is an example of what they will look like after they are made. Voodoo dolls can be used for positive, or negative intent such as Luck, Money, Protection, Love Drawing, Health, Magick Ceremony, Cursing, Controlling, etc. Once you have completed the special instructions listed, you can place your doll exactly where you need it.

Here are a few examples: For attracting money into the home or place of business, simply hang your doll up, place it by the cash register, or place it by a prosperity/money altar/shrine. For attracting love/a partner, place your doll next to your bed, on your love altar/love shrine, or simply hang above any doorway to bring love into the home. For protection in your home or where you need it, keep it by the entrance to stand guard while warding off any harmful influences or unwanted visitors.  Lord of the crossroads can be used to increase power/energy, summoning spirits, writing pacts, magick rituals, etc.  Some clients also simply hung it up in their home as art and didn’t want to use it for magick.

Each doll comes with an anointing oil and attached with a small pouch or a special fabric sewn inside the doll containing herbs, roots, and a magick seal.

1. Before you work with your doll baby, personalize it by adding personal concerns.  Every little detail makes it more powerful and must not be skipped.

2. Baptize/Consecrate: While holding your doll face up in the palm of  your left hand, sprinkle sea salt on it, then place your right hand over the doll and push energy into it while giving it a name. With your right index finger draw in the air above your doll a symbol of faith, or visualize an energy force color of your choosing. Blow on your doll and tell it what it’s purpose is and how you wish it to work on your behalf. Anoint your doll with magick oil, and place it through the smoke of Frankincense and Myrrh incense a few times.

3. Speak a special poem, incantation, chant, etc. of your choosing. Say the doll’s name three times.  Next, give thanks to the universe. When you are ready, end with So Mote It Be, As Above So Below, Amen, or any other choosing you desire.

Anoint your doll with magick oil every full moon.

Upon request, for an additional fee I can baptize/consecrate a doll baby for you as well as adding personal concerns (Mailed to me) to be sewn onto your doll baby such as Handwriting, Picture, Name and Birth info, Business card, Hair, Fingernail Clippings, etc.

Small Voodoo Doll
Small Voodoo Doll
One small Voodoo Doll made to your desired intent. Please email me and let me know what you would like your doll to focus on.
Large Voodoo Doll
Large Voodoo Doll
One large Voodoo Doll made to your desired intent. Please email me and let me know what you would like your doll to focus on.
Voodoo Doll Ritual
Voodoo Doll Ritual
I will perform the ritual as described above to powerfully charge your doll. Add this along with your voodoo doll purchase. I will contact you with more information regarding charging your doll.