Court Case

For all types of legal matters (However, please do not contact me to help get people out of any DUI mess!). Some court case situations can at times feel like a nightmare and people lose hope during the process. I have helped clients who were going through problems with divorce, child support, and custody battles. I always work with the child’s spirit guide and agree to work on what is best for the child. I have also helped with events where the child gets to speak for themselves and express what they wish. Some parents fight too much with each other and some do not ask their child what they want. I have helped parents learn to handle the truth no matter what and to give their child the freedom to be themselves while doing what will make them happy. Divorce does effect the children and not only the parents.

Family Inheritance

This is often the case where there’s a death in the family and relatives begin to fight about assets, who gets what and who doesn’t deserve to benefit etc. There are also situations where external forces are blocking a family or individual from receiving their inheritance.

Some times karma can also be factored in and this will have to play out so you can learn whichever lesson needs be be learned before you are ready to receive. There have been times  when some individual’s just had to wait until they turned a certain age, got married, had a child etc. before they could receive. Wills are final words from the deceased and I think it is wise at times to listen to what they want otherwise there’s a chance their ghost will cause you problems.

Whatever the case may be I would definitely remove the blockage while overcoming the obstacle/obstacles that prevent you from receiving. Connected through the Universal Law and striking an equal balance will help smooth out your path.

For all matters in regards to Court Cases please provide the information of all parties involved such as names for the Judge, Lawyer etc., and it is even better if you have their business cards. At times, I do request a copy of court documentation to place under your candles in order to connect a psychic link.

After this magick ritual is complete I will mail you a powerful Court Case mojo bag that should be carried with you. I will explain to you the whole process during your consultation.

Please use the form below to contact me and to explain your situation.  I will then contact you further to determine how we should proceed.