Transformation (Anubis magick)

Life is full of ups and downs and at times it can seem like a never ending battle. Transformations can at times be painful. Sometimes it can feel like death from changing career paths, ending a long-term relationship, relocating and so on. No matter what the situation may be, change is definitely a part of life.

Sometimes people can feel afraid to completely start over in life even if the changes are healthy and positive and can bring happiness such as accomplishing and attaining their dream job, getting married, having their first child, or by gaining popularity and success.

By allowing the change to take place, you will set your spirit free in order to move onto the next chapter in your life. The more one holds on to the past, the more painful it can become while creating more blockages and obstacles that eventually will need to be overcome.

No matter what your situation may be, I can help you through your process of transformation. I prefer and have had many positive results working with the Egyptian God Anubis for full transformation and healing. We can discuss your particular situation and aim the magick exactly where you need it. I will bless and dress your candle while focusing energy in order to push you forward on your path. There’s no need to live with a heavy heart!

Please contact me with information regarding your situation.  I will contact you with further information and determine how we should proceed.