Custom Spells

Do you have a special request? I can create a special spell that is suited for your exact intent. These are my favorite spells as I am often combining different spells in order to best fit the situation.

An example spell I created:

I was asked to perform a spell for someone who wanted to sell their house. I also had a separate client that I worked with who wanted to sell their car. This was a bit tricky because no buyer came along and when someone did show interest they would then disappear without further contact. I helped create a spell to sell both homes and cars. Yes, it is possible to use magick on an object.

Make sure you really want to sell your home or car because if even a small percentage inside of you is still holding on then there’s a chance the spell won’t work. There have been times when I worked this exact spell only to find out later that the client wasn’t ready to let go and created a block so the house or car would not sell no matter what!

Please use the form below to contact me and to explain what spell you would like me to create.  I will then contact you with more information regarding your custom spell