Dark Arts

Gray Magick

Most people can be ignorant, paranoid and afraid, or just see this subject as taboo. One of the most common and annoying sayings is “You are evil for using the dark side in spirituality”. I think and feel differently on this subject and personally don’t care what others think, everyone is entitled to their opinion. The fact is that there’s a lot that one can learn through working with demons, fallen angels, etc., for seeing the truth of a situation, and learning how to live in balance between the two worlds of both light and dark, the human realm and the supernatural realm.

I choose to only go dark if I really have to and if it is justified.

Not all of these entities are evil and wish to harm a person. Most have special knowledge and wisdom and can in fact become very helpful to an individual. Of course this will take some time to form a special bond and all will be tested during the process of exploration for as long as one chooses to explore. I like to explain this unique arrangement by applying street smarts and the approach of “You don’t mess with me, and I don’t mess with you”.

Certain beings will not even bother working with an individual if there’s too many control issues and too much ordering them around. As a result, an individual is more likely to get attacked. By forming an agreement and having respect, there is a much better chance for cooperation and a much better chance to succeed on your quest.

All the best masters know how to use the dark and go there when it is necessary, having the knowledge and power attained through exploration while coming to terms with their own experiences can then be applied to teaching others who are exploring and who can also handle the dark. Not many people can handle the intensity of both worlds because it is not for everyone.

I like to leave the petty stuff out and not attack out of ego, or to crave power to an extreme extent because I choose not to.

The best way to explain this is by comparing it to the practice of Martial Arts. Sensei teaches how you should not attack unless it is for self defense. By allowing room for self discipline and understanding, this can help and guide an individual through mastering and achieving the universal flow throughout their entire being of existence.

Magick is energy and it does require not only achieving, but also attaining the correct balance in order to receive it’s full power. This helps for spells to actually work in one’s favor.

There have been many times when I helped others to remove a curse (negative psychic projections) which was placed on them by another who was jealous and wanted to see them fail. People do attack because of petty reasons.

Returning a curse back to where it came from should not be seen as a bad thing as the person in question should have known better and should take full responsibility for their actions to begin with. Magick is not a game and there’s always the Lords of Karma to answer to.

We live in a tough competitive world and we have every right not to get mad but to get even. Some situations can’t be ignored especially involving psychic attack and black magick. By having the correct information, it can help to get out of a difficult situation at times. A person can trick themselves out of a particular situation as well.

Break up Magick

I only go this route in order to help in situations where there is abuse and negative circumstances. Here’s an example: I was contacted years ago by a woman whose daughter became addicted to drugs and got into a negative and abusive relationship involving a drug dealer and was on a path of self destruction.

I helped with performing a break up spell to help end this negative relationship in order for the daughter to move forward while she got the help she needed.

Depending on the situation and personal circumstances, at times this spell needs to be repeated over the course of time.

Bind and Box your enemies

People can just be mean in general and dish out to others too much negativity for one to bear. I have helped many people who were stuck in certain situations involving harassment, threats, bullying, and dealing with an overly competitive rival where things became physical and also led to psychic attack. Etc.

Sometimes these negative situations are not handled with the correct authority and at times nothing can be done about it. I suggest finding another way to push these people and their energy out of your life!

First, DO NOT feed into the drama if you can help it! Especially because most bullies are looking for attention and they don’t care how they get it. This is a form of psychic attack and they are feeding off of your energy whether you are aware of it or not.

I suggest a powerful binding be done before placing and sealing their energy away from you in a box. DO NOT have any contact with the individual for any reason once this spell is completed.

I request personal belongings be sent to me as it allows me to directly pinpoint the target with this spell.

Bitch Be Gone (Works on men too!)

This spell can be very useful in cases where there’s another person who desires your partner and has personal intentions to be with them, someone who is jealous and wishes to cause problems in a relationship or marriage, or someone who just seems to be around and you wish for them to just go away.

Black Arts

For cursing, increasing power to perform Magick Rituals, Summoning Spirits and Forming Pacts.

Underworld Exploration, Necromancy and Conjuring Specific Beings

This is only for those who know how to both Summon and Banish, do not fear the dead, and who are prepared for anything otherworldly to take place during this practice. Not all can work with the dead and handle the level of intensity that comes with it. Some energies are just too powerful for an individual to handle. Make sure you really know yourself deeply, are stable, and have studied/explored with the correct teacher (if not self taught) before entering this area. I personally feel that testing and working with certain levels of energy fields can help one figure out how much can be handled when it comes to varying intensities. Advanced individuals have spent hours or even nights alone in a graveyard without being spooked. If an individual is spooked even a little bit, then they are not ready for this.

I suggest that all should do their research on the exact being before anything else. Having the knowledge will in fact help you toward achieving your exact goal while accomplishing and experiencing communing with the dead. Always have control of yourself along with your thoughts and actions. If for some reason you start to think and do otherwise, then don’t go any further and cast the spirit away.

Sometimes the psychic link can become blocked or the certain spirit can be stubborn. For those who seek my assistance while exploring the many dimensions of this specific area I can help with guidance. We can discuss where you may feel stuck or are experiencing a setback or need help with a major breakthrough. I can help with rebuilding and advancing the energy level of a specific spirit in place to help guard you and so on.

Due to the very sensitive and serious nature of this work, I require a consultation with any of my clients that seek these services.  Please use the form to contact me below and to explain your situation.  I will then contact you to evaluate your case and to determine if we should proceed.