Protection is one of the most important aspects of magick and is a crucial element in keeping one’s self balanced and grounded.  Psychic Attack (Negative thought projections) are a real thing and can serve to harm others.  For example, someone may have an enemy that is obsessing over them.  They begin to continually think negative thoughts towards the other person and therefore this negative energy begins to manifest.  It can manifest in different ways such as the victim begins to experience “bad luck” or even begins to experience poor health.  Protection is important as it helps to not only guard us from these negative energies, but can help reverse these energies too (such as with Reversing spells).  One can never have enough protection in their lives whether it be for Safe Travel, Home, Personal Space/Belongings, Intruders, Pets, Psychic Protection, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, from Enemies, Competitors, etc.

Please contact me and let me know where I should aim this spell for you.

One Simple Protection Spell ($250)