Love Magick

Spells to bring new love into your life, or to take things to the next level with your crush, be noticed by someone you admire, enhance passion in your current relationship, or rediscover passion in your marriage.

One simple Love Drawing Spell ($250)



(Bring your ex back)

Some situations I have worked with involved couples who have tried a relationship in the past and for some reason the timing was not right. I have seen cases from on and off relationships, to different cultural backgrounds, parents breaking them up, even cases where one or the other pretty much gave up and they were not ready for anything serious. I have also worked on cases where black magick was performed to break couples up due to jealousy. I can see all sides of the story and sometimes Break Up spells can help, especially where there’s problems with an abusive partner.

Before I go into further detail, I would like to make it clear that everything is not what it seems involving reconciliation magick. I have had experiences in the past where clients became way too obsessed and began acting out of control because events were taking a bit longer to unfold than they had anticipated.   In these instances, all they had to do was continue to work on themselves and remain patient in the process and allow the magick to work. In the end, such obsession can block this magick and there can be no results for the client. Therefore, it is important to learn patience and to have discipline while waiting for results.

I advise for you to have a Cryptanalysis completed before we begin with any type of reconciliation magick as not every story is the same and individualized attention is therefore necessary.

I will be able to look into the depths of your situation and determine if there’s a strong possibility for the spell to work. I like to make sure there’s a spark for both individuals. I’m not going to lie and tell you we can proceed if the outcome shows that it’s best to stay away from each other and move on with your lives.

I will inform you when I will begin your spell and contact you with candle magick updates ONLY if there’s something to report. Otherwise, take my silence as a sign that things are going well and steady. I will for sure contact you after all the magick is complete. Feel free to contact me with updates about how things are unfolding between you and your ex. I take every bit of detail and continue to proceed.

I don’t take every case and I’m making it clear that if you truly want a chance to reunite with an ex then you must be patient and please DO NOT contact me on a daily basis to complain that it’s unfolding slowly, etc. I will not respond back to you. As I mentioned before, patience and discipline is key as the magick needs time to work.

The way this process works is I will need personal concerns to attach and form a magical link between you and your ex. I will need full names and birth information as well as a picture of the two of you (I can work with individual pictures also). The sooner you can send it all to me the sooner I will be able to begin working on your case.

I begin by clearing and removing problem areas, negative energy, blockages, obstacles and so forth. This process usually takes one to two weeks depending on the circumstance. Once this whole process is complete I can then begin the actual reconciliation process.  If you are interested in this service, I require a Cryptanalysis service to be completed before moving forward as these are very complicated situations and I need to know precisely what is going on.


Spells can be done to bring in new friendships and allies with your exact intent. Magick can be focused on the types of personality desired while forming deep bonds and to attain true friends who will really support and encourage a happy life. I like to work with kindred spirits as we all have those we encounter throughout our lives and these are the people who will actually have our backs through good times and bad times. Loyalty is key.

One simple Friendship Spell ($100)


Get rid of your Ex for good

At times it seems that ex’s are just not healthy to keep in our lives and most of the time there was a reason why things never worked out. Sometimes people come into each others lives to learn and discover themselves better. Ex’s can be difficult and make it harder to let go especially when there is a long history and co dependency between two people.

Please contact me with information regarding your situation.  I will contact you with more information regarding this service.