Welcome to my temple!

May you receive blessings and guidance to help you on your spiritual journey!

May your heart and mind be enlightened, and your soul be healed.

Magick is an ancient sacred gift; the root of creation and life which lives within the very depths of our soul. Our ancient ancestors knew how to channel and use this energy while incorporating it into their spiritual daily lives. Everyone has access to connect with this amazing universal power, but only a few of us choose to work with it.

Magick is not a game and should never be taken for granted or abused in anyway. Everyone must be responsible for their actions and accept the responsibility that goes along with it. Always do your research before you decide to engage in magick as you are engaging the spiritual realm.

Life is not easy at times and everyone needs nurturing and healing during life’s challenging moments. I always advise to keep yourself cleansed while allowing alone time for prayer and meditation to help keep your energy balanced and grounded. Always remember to take care of your own well-being and don’t neglect the soul.

I support and encourage people to explore magick in every way. Here’s a suggestion to help you succeed and benefit: Attain a balance between the two worlds in order to succeed magically.  A good, healthy balance can make a huge difference. Otherwise your spells won’t work and could backfire without a proper balance.

Through patience and understanding of your life’s purpose, it would help for you to fully accept your soul’s calling. Do what makes you happy in life and don’t forget that you, as a person, deserve to be happy. This whole world needs help and by helping each other we actually are making a difference whether we believe it or not.

Allow me to work a magick ritual on your behalf, contact me for a free consultation and if I decide to take your case we can then proceed with a plan of action. I work with complete confidentiality on all cases and will work the case until the customer is satisfied.

Each candle is powerfully charged and is dressed with Herbs, Oils, Powders and Sigils inscribed to suit your exact intent. I ask everyone to provide personal belongings such as pictures, handwriting samples, hair samples, etc. for me to attach to your candle in order to enhance the magick while giving the energy an exact link to you. This is a very important step in magick and I can work with what you can provide.

Once you decide which candle spell ritual you would like me to perform, I will then check into moon phases and planetary timing in order to decide which day would be right to begin your spell. I will inform you with the exact information. Keep in mind that timing is everything!

Please do not ask for free readings or free magick rituals. I like to live in the flow of giving and receiving. You pay for a service and I work hard on your behalf.

Thank you and be blessed!


Background image by Jerzy Strzelecki, Giza pyramid10(js), CC BY-SA 3.0