Mojo Bags

Mojo Bags (also known as GRIS-GRIS, Charm Bag, Conjure Bag, Trick Bag). While there are many different names for these, you could simply think of them as being “A Spell in a Bag” That is really what it is. Each mojo bag is created in a ritual either during the new moon phase for bringing things into being, or during a full moon to be used for banishing and casting things out of an individual’s life. Each mojo bag contains herbs, roots, name paper, petition paper, powders, coins, magick seals, personal concerns (mailed to me), etc. These bags should be carried on you at all times and kept hidden from sight. Do not allow another individual to see it or touch it otherwise all luck may be lost. This is called “The Killing Hand.”  Never neglect your mojo bag and continue to anoint it with specific anointing oil once a week/month depending on which type you have.

Make the spell even more powerful by watering your mojo bag during the new moon or full moon cycle using Whiskey, Florida Water, or Hoyt’s Cologne along with an anointing oil for your intent. Add bodily fluids such as Blood, Spit, Urine, or sexual fluids for love/sex matters.

After you attain your desire, burn or bury your mojo bag while giving thanks to the universe! In matters relating to money donate some of your earnings to a charity, or the needy.

All mojo bags can be created depending on the client’s exact intent. Feel free to look through my oil and powder list if you are interested in having a mojo bag made for any specific purpose seen there.


Mojo Bag
Mojo Bag
One Mojo Bag custom made to your desire. Please send an email detailing what you would like the Mojo Bag to be created for.